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Global Dialogues @ SIPA

MEXICO CITY | NEW YORK CITY | November 16th, 2016

Global Dialogues @ SIPA


The Global Dialogues @ SIPA is a new signature series in the ongoing celebration of SIPA’s 70th Anniversary, designed to use new technology to connect SIPA faculty with the global network of SIPA alumni.


Trailer Video of Mexico City Event

In this inaugural event, 85 SIPA alumni and guests convened in Mexico City and online from locations around the world to hear experts discuss the potential effects of the incoming Donald Trump administration on the U.S.-Mexico relationship, one week following the US presidential election. Sponsored by SIPA and the Columbia University Club of Mexico, the event delivered an expert discussion on the potential changes in the U.S.-Mexico relationship, given the surprising outcome of the U.S. election.

Participants included moderator Aurora Adame MIA ’99 and panelists Beatriz Leycegui MIA ’90 of the consulting firm SAI Law & Economics; Luis Rubio, President-elect of the Mexican Council of Foreign Relations; and SIPA Vice-Dean Eric Verhoogen, co-director of the Center for Development Economics and Policy, who joined via videolink from New York and SIPA alumni, who also connected via videolink and participated live in the Q&A.  Live footage from this two hour event and all online and in person questions can be viewed by clicking on the video clips below.   To read more about this event, click here.


1. Welcome – Alejandro Osorio SIPA ’01 (TRT 1:30)

President of Columbia University Alumni Club of Mexico, Alejandro Osorio ’01, welcomes panelists and guests in Mexico City, NYC and alumni joining online. This video also shows views and online chat rooms active during the event.


2. Welcome – Susan Storms (TRT 1:30)

Director of Alumni Affairs Susan Storms invites alumni in Mexico and around the world to participate in this event and join us at SIPA in April 2017 for the 70th annual gala!


3. Panel Intros - Moderator Aurora Adame SIPA ‘99 (TRT 2:00)

Moderator Aurora Adame frames the discussion and debate – how will the election of Donald Trump in the US change US/Mexico relations, and what is the future of bilateral agreements such as NAFTA?


4. US Perspective – Vice Dean Eric Verhoogen (TRT 4:30)

SIPA Vice-Dean Eric Verhoogen provides the perspective from the US, and three key issues for further discussion; a) the fact that pre-NAFTA tariffs were already low; b) role of WTO, and c) the impact on remittances. Dean Verhoogen argues that Mexico may indeed have more leverage that initially imagined, if its role in regional security issues is taken into account.


5. Political Perspective – Dr. Luis Rubio (TRT 5:00)

The incoming president of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations provides the Mexican perspective, and explains that NAFTA, in Mexico, is primarily a political question, rather than only an investment tool. He also raises an important question on how Trump’s populist platform will in fact play out in Congress and in international negotiations.


6. Bi-Lateral Economic Relationship – Beatriz Leycegui SIPA ‘90 (TRT 6:00)

Beatriz Leycegui draws on her extensive experience as one of the principal legal architects of the original NAFTA agreement to provide detail and nuance to the dialogue. Leycegui's presentation includes data that shows how NAFTA has affected many industries, especially the auto industry, and how ending this trade will have important impacts on jobs in both in US and Mexico.


7. Trump and US Republican Party - Dr. Luis Rubio (TRT 4:11)

Dr. Rubio explores how President Elect Trump’s policies often did not match conventional republican positions, and how this will play out in US congress. Rubio also explores the leverage Mexico may have in a renegotiation of NAFTA.


8. Did Trump “Run as a Democrat?”- Vice Dean Eric Verhoogen (TRT: 2:45)

Dean Verhoogen responds to Dr. Rubio’s position, clarifying while it could be argued that Trump “ran as a Democrat” on trade, he was very much a Republican on tax policy, social policy and healthcare. Dean Verhoogen also explores potential leverage Mexico may have moving forward.


9. Can Trump Renegotiate NAFTA? - Beatriz Leycegui SIPA ’90 (TRT 10:40)

Leycegui confirms that President Trump will indeed have the power to leave or renegotiate NAFTA. Leycegui also explores how trade has become integrated, and the fact that Mexico represents a very high % of US exports.


10. Question From Brazil - Potential Upside? – Nora Johnson SIPA ’16 + Panel (TRT 13:50)

Recent SIPA graduate Nora Johnson MPA ’16, Rio,Brazil, asks the panel if there is any potential upside to the President Elect Trump’s proposals for trade and jobs.


11. Role of Canada in NAFTA? – Panel (TRT 3:00)

Panel discusses role of NAFTA's 3rd party, and the direct trade agreements it has in place with both US and Mexico. Can Mexico provide a counterweight in a potential US/Mexico trade war?


12. Blaming The Victim, Dean Verhoogen (TRT 1:00)

Dean Verhoogen discussed pertinent offensive remarks made by Trump during the campaign.


13. Questions From Mexico City Audience - Audience and Panel (TRT 35:00)

Questions from the live audience in Mexico City on NAFTA, the possible affect of Brexit and the U.S. election results on the upcoming 2018 Mexican election and other related issues.


14. Final Thoughts- Panel (TRT 6:00)

Our panelists offer final takeaways from the day’s discussion.


15. Certificates of Appreciation Presentation – Alejandro Osorio and Alumni Club of Mexico

Thanks to all!



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