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Share Your SIPA story

SIPA students, alumni, and faculty are part of a unique and vibrant community dedicated to making a difference in the world. We invite you to help us spread the word about SIPA’s impact across the globe by sharing your SIPA story below. Then look for your story to be featured on our 70th Anniversary website!

Submit your story below, including photos, or upload a video (up to 90 seconds). Please contact the Office of Alumni Affairs if you have any questions.

Please consider answering the following questions or add your own, unique story:

- Tell us what you are doing, and how your experience at SIPA has shaped the work you are doing today?
- What Columbia or SIPA professor had the biggest impact on your thinking and why?
- What was the most important thing you learned at SIPA?
- How do you give back to SIPA?
- Why is making a gift and/or volunteering important to you?

- How has SIPA prepared you to impact the world?
- What has been your most exciting SIPA project?
- How do you plan to use your degree after you graduate?
- Have you interacted with SIPA alumni during your time as a student?
- Is there a specific project you want SIPA alumni to be aware of?

- How has your field of work had a significant impact on our society?
- What do you think students need to know to be prepared for today’s world?
- What is your most memorable SIPA moment?