As part of this Capstone project 2020, ReNew Power would like SIPA Capstone to undertake in-depth study to identify the financial models for various  Energy Storage Systems technology available in the market and recommend 2-3 financial models for Indian depending of the best case Energy Storage Systems technology. Battery-based energy storage will enable electricity to be stored and then delivered within milliseconds, reducing instability of the electric grid and enabling more energy to be captured and delivered on demand. India has the ambitious vision of installing 175 GW of renewable energy generation by 2022. Battery-based energy storage provides the flexibility and agility to better integrate intermittent solar and wind energy resources into India’s electric grid and ensure high-quality power for consumers. Indian corporates like ReNew Power have exhibited a keen interest in the development of energy storage projects to explore the feasibility for development of new product line, and are pursuing these innovative solutions to emerge as a market leader in deployment of customized Energy Storage Systems.