New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) manages the design and construction of many of City-funded construction projects, including new or renovated public buildings such as libraries, museums, police precincts, health centers, day care centers, senior centers, emergency medical stations, courts, correctional facilities and other buildings that the City needs to serve the all members of the public in all five boroughs.   The City’s significant capital program functions as an economic development catalyst and results in the provision of physical building spaces within which City agencies perform their program functions, which span the spectrum from public safety services to client-focused human services. 

This Capstone project will provide a quantitative assessment of the external impacts, intended and unintended, that public projects generate in their neighborhoods.  Drawing on the findings from the 2015 Capstone project, this Capstone team will use the existing hedonic regression model to analyze additional library repair projects across the City. The team will also train a new model to analyze new types of capital projects (e.g. police station development, fire station development, road repair, etc.). Lastly, the team will assess the potential impact that the development of this model will have on public policy and policy development.