Colombia and Peru are both Andean countries with comparable development challenges, especially in the development of their natural resources and securing community or social acceptance for such development. Both countries rely on development of their natural resources for their national development, alleviation of poverty and improvement in the quality of the lives of their people.

The 2020 Capstone, for both Peru as well as Colombia, will build on prior Capstone work with Peru, especially the 2019 Capstone which analyzed the Mining Vision 2030 and made recommendations on how to achieve such Vision, including securing community consent. In the case of Peru, the 2020 Capstone team will seek to determine how better to secure and effect Consulta Previa, especially as a number of major mining projects have been halted for failure to secure community acceptance. This will require an analysis of what did not work and what can remedy the situation.  In the case of Colombia, the 2020 Capstone team will apply the lessons of Peru, test them in select communities and make recommendations on how to implement them.  The team will also incorporate the recommendations of the Colombia’s ExCom about social license into achievable, cost-efficient and applicable policy guidelines. By December 2019, Colombia expects to have established those guiding principles for achieving community acceptance in accordance with those recommendations. This analysis will serve two purposes: recommendations on how these projects can move forward and thereby correct or rectify past (or existing) grievances and how Colombia can learn from these cases.