Founded in 2011, ReNew Power has rapidly emerged as India’s largest renewable energy company, playing a leading role in the production, transmission and distribution of energy across India. Renew is strongly committed not only to renewable energy but to social responsibility more broadly.  With a view to creating “a sustainable future via transformative and innovative programs,” the company’s ReNew India Initiative (RII) encompasses a range of social and environmental programs throughout India, including on women’s and girl’s empowerment and “smart” villages, “touching the lives of 138,000 people across 92 villages and 8 Indian States”. The company seeks to collaborate on its CSR initiatives with appropriate public and private partners, including local governments, local communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

ReNew would like a SIPA Capstone team to benchmark core aspects of the ReNew CSR program against global best practices, and develop case studies and guidance, to assist ReNew in maximizing the company’s impact on the ground in India and its leadership on CSR within the Indian business community. The company expects the SIPA team’s analysis to center on 2-3 priority CSR issue areas that are central to the company’s longer term CSR vision and commitments, including access to energy for rural communities and empowering women in local communities to serve as catalysts for development.