Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management and wealth management services. The Global Financial Crimes (GFC) group is dedicated to the implementation of Morgan Stanley’s enterprise-wide financial crime prevention efforts, which include due diligence, transactional surveillance and suspicious activity reporting as well as governance, oversight and execution of the Firm’s AML, Sanctions, Anti-Corruption and Government and Political Activities Compliance programs.

Since its inception nearly a decade ago, digital currency has become increasingly integrated into the global financial systems, including through proposed exchange-traded funds (ETF), specialized trading desks, and complex financial products tied to the market performance of cryptocurrencies. When introducing new products and services, financial institutions must balance potential gains in revenue and market share against inherent risks and uncertainty. Moreover, an appraisal of effective controls must be conducted to mitigate associated risks and meet evolving regulatory standards.

The Capstone team will examine industry trends and benchmark the digital currency space by major US financial institutions, specifically examining which crypto products and services can be successfully implemented in today’s regulatory environment while also anticipating obstacles in the near and long term. The team will meet with Firm employees to analyze the potential extent of Morgan Stanley’s engagement in the digital currency space and will propose a business model whereby Morgan Stanley can evaluate and shape new client offerings in this area.