USCYBERCOM supports the systematic exploration of analogies to the cyber domain that can inform and educate stakeholders across government, industry, and the public; inform different options and courses of action; enhance understanding of the cyber domain and its attributes; and stimulate discourse on cyber issues and priorities. USCYBERCOM also wants to understand the analogies used by other countries—friends, partners, and potential adversaries.

The Capstone Workshop will explore the seminal analogies they use for the cyber domain (in other words, what is the equivalent of their “cyber Pearl Harbor”?)

Key questions the Capstone will provide:

  • Overview of the analogy (Is it a conceptual or historical analogy? What is the narrative around it that applies to cyber?).
  • What aspects of the cyber environment, mission, and problematique does the analogy highlight?
  • Who advocates for this analogy? How widespread is its use?
  • What is the effect of the analogy?