Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. National and local governments alike are actively seeking to leverage this projected growth by developing and attracting talent and industry.

The global distribution of this industry shows trends towards regional agglomerations, known colloquially as clusters. The team studied successful clusters in Beersheba, Israel; Malvern, UK; and San Antonio, Texas to draw unique and common conclusions that can help other countries and local governments analyze their own markets and inform future decision making. The study found four common factors that drive the development of local cybersecurity industries:

(1) Government Proximity, especially cybersecurity elements of military branches or intelligence agencies. In San Antonio, the presence of the 24th Air Force Cyber Command and 25th Intelligence Command, and the NSA provide opportunities for contracting a well-trained talent pool, and a base for entrepreneurial development; 

(2) Local Universities or Independent Research Institutions that train and grow the workforce and provide a supportive hub for development. Ben Gurion University in Beersheba is a prime example, with working relationships with practically every cybersecurity company in the area and a well-developed technology transfer program;

(3) Government Support to the industry via initiatives and policies that attract large corporations to the area and facilitate the development of small companies. In Malvern, UK, the local government supports the industry by providing operations support through the area’s Chamber of Commerce and funding to start-ups;

(4) Leadership through key individuals or industry bodies that help focus programs, raise public awareness, and bring in capital. In Beersheba, the nonprofit CyberSpark coordinates industry activities and lobbies for policies that benefit the area.

The Capstone team's final report, Cybersecurity as an Engine for Growth, can be viewed in New America's site. In addition, the findings from the Capstone project was sited in Tim Starks' Politico piece, "How to Erect an Economic Powerhouse Using Cybersecurity.