The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) and Timberland remain committed to an overarching goal of developing a unified data collection and management system to monitor smallholder production, manage transactions and build transparent supply chains in Haiti and also track and measure the impact of specific crops on farmer income, food security, climate change and women’s empowerment. The 2020 Capstone project seeks to further advance this innovative project, with focus on two main workstreams:

  1. System architecture and future app design. This workstream will focus on reviewing, improving and completing the design of overall system architecture based on previous Capstone projects and other efforts, as well as identifying, interviewing and selecting an app developer to build the new data collection and management system. This workstream will allow the Capstone team to lead the overall design process of the future app, as well as assure handover to an experienced developer to execute the team’s vision.
  2. Integrated technology research and testing. This workstream will focus on evaluating recent developments in blockchain technology and updating recommendations for incorporation, as well as developing a prototype and piloting use of a new SFA farmer identification and e-voucher system. This workstream will require the Capstone team to research, analyze and benchmark the targeted innovations, and design and apply the prototype to immediately impact SFA operations and Timberland’s supply chain in a challenging, real world setting.