In 2016, Viva Rio started structuring a social innovation hub in the Cantagalo, Pavão-Pavãozinho favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Favela Hub aims to use a multidisciplinary approach through education and social entrepreneurship to develop and strengthen the social innovation ecosystem in Rio. With this goal in mind, the SIPA workshop team was brought on-board to design a fellowship program. The ultimate goal was to not only widen the impact of Viva Rio’s work within the sector, develop and train the next generation of social innovation leaders and entrepreneurs, but also create a program that would act as a bridge between the diverse stakeholders and further accelerate the work already being done. This report details two potential models of fellowships as well as a communications strategy to help  disseminate the Favela Hub initiatives to its targeted audience. In addition, it highlights the best practices, lessons learned, and a draft toolkit that will help Viva Rio start the implementation of the proposed program.