Increasing acccess to good-paying jobs in New York is the a key initiative of the De Blasio administration and provides a clear path to the middle class for many low-income families struggling to support their families in the city.  As part of the New York Works Job Plan, released in 2016 by Mayor De Blasio, the City of New York will invest in growth sectors that offer good-paying jobs, including Cybersecurity and Life Sciences. As part of this initiative, the New York City Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development has asked a Capstone team to analyze career paths in both the Cybersecurity and Life Sciences sectors to develop a tool to provide guidance for various ways to enter these fields—starting from entry level positions through to mid-level and executive level professions with various entrance points, including students from the community college system or Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  How do the skills required for these fields differ from more traditional employment, such as IT systems manager?  How can the City of New York shift resources to prepare local jobseekers, particularly those without advanced degrees, to access these opportunities? The team would then also produce an asset mapping diagram that identifies the key resources available to support these careers (including industry partnerships, the CUNY system, various training programs supported through multiple city agencies) and provide recommendations for ways the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development can continue to support development and employment opportunities in these sectors.