The Capstone team will be tasked to build on the excellent work of the 2018 Capstone by deepening a policy and strategy answering the question of what it takes for Estonia to continue to be a global thought leader, pushing above its weight so-to-speak, and assist it to develop an actionable common platform for small nations to pursue and advance, including the establishment of supporting associations and institutions for small nations. The platform is to set forth a strategic and implementable program that is embedded in the international rule of law and in international institutions so that Estonia and other small nations can prosper economically, culturally, socially and politically.  The challenge is similar to what the island nations of the world confronted in creating a common international platform on their challenges, in particular the challenges presented by rising sea levels, climate change and non-continental geographical locations. In short, the goal of the 2019 Capstone is to update the 2018 Capstone report --- a good plan is always in a dynamic state as it needs to respond to the challenges and incorporate new information --- and make it a workable instrument for Estonia should it achieve its goal of being on the UN Security Council.