One in four women and girls live in poverty in New York City, with rates highest among women who are Black, Latina, and/or single mothers. In particular, areas of Brooklyn– such as Brownsville, East New York, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Bushwick– women and families have faced the greatest economic need.  Many lack educational and job opportunities; juggle caregiving demands; face gender, cultural and racial discrimination; are subject to interpersonal and community violence; have been incarcerated or had a family member involved in the criminal justice system; and confront poverty-related challenges such as poor health and few benefits. 

The Capstone team’s objective will be to investigate the changing economic environment created by gentrification and displacement in East Brooklyn.  This includes an analysis of the socio-economic impact on low-income women and families that have seen their communities change rapidly to include new, thriving businesses and market-rate homes, much of which they feel excluded from. The overall objective of the Capstone project is to support The New York Women’s Foundation to implement its grantmaking strategy, The Brooklyn Economic Justice Project, which will fund a cohort of community-led organizations, networks and movements to cultivate and advocate for a sustainable, cooperative economy and civically engaged community rooted in gender and racial justice.