AfricInvest was founded in 1994 and is part of Integra Group, an investment and financial services company based in Tunisia. Having co-founded the African Venture Capital Association (AVCA) as well as the Middle East North Africa Private Equity Association (MENAPEA) and the Euromed Capital Forum, the firm is an active promotor of the private equity industry in the region. The investment thesis of FIVE (Financial Inclusion Vehicle, AfricInvest’s second financial services focused evergreen fund) is based on AfricInvest’s view that the African financial sector is currently experiencing an accelerated transformation, creating opportunities for hyper-growth and profitability.  Similar to developments at the global level, Africa’s financial sector is being disrupted by trends including the advent of:

  • Branchless banking;
  • Disintermediation; 
  • Technology and telecom companies providing financial services and merging or partnering with traditional banks and insurance companies;
  • New transaction infrastructure powered by blockchain technologies.

As one of the pillars that is fundamental in driving forward financial inclusion in Africa, AfricInvest would like to explore how blockchain can be used to deliver value to both portfolio company and its customers. The desirable end deliverable will be a research paper that demonstrates blockchains previous success stories, adaption of the technology to the African environment, exciting new uses of blockchain and a roadmap for the implementation of the technology at a portfolio level all within the ambit of the delivery of financial services and inclusion in Africa.