With the launch of the Open Data Portal in 2011, the world gained access to comprehensive data visualizations of the country’s water points, health centers, and schools. While the data visualized is updated regularly with data collected by the National Examinations Council of Tanzania, a precursory mapping of schools with various approximation methods resulted in 40% of all schools in the portal with approximated locations (approximated by ward centroid, district centroid, or a geocoder). With compulsory primary education and an influx of students to schools, proper geolocation and school data is crucial to resource allocation and tracking student/school progress. The methodological research and comprehensive stakeholder analysis of government agencies, NGOs, and telecommunication companies on behalf of the World Bank has enabled the team to develop a crowdsourcing mechanism to collect the remaining geolocations of primary and secondary schools in Tanzania. After prototyping the technology, the team completed a report of their preliminary findings for expansion, further testing, and costing of the exercise.