Adel, a non-profit organization located in Ceará, Brazil, approached SIPA to conduct an impact assessment of its flagship program, the Rural Young Entrepreneurs Program (RYEP). Based on two field visits in January and March, 2017, and a mixed methods approach involving quantitative and qualitative techniques, the team in charge of the assessment finds suggestive evidence of a modest but positive effect of the RYEP on the different outcomes of the program, including those related to professional and personal development. Overall, participants see the RYEP as a unique opportunity to explore different professional and personal development avenues that they would otherwise not have access to, including starting a business and continuing their education. We recommend that Adel strengthens aspects of the RYEP that could enhance its impact in the future; partners with other agencies that support small businesses in the region; and continues using and refining the tools used for this assessment, including the closed-ended survey and the online mobile platform.