BCG Platinion is currently working with non-financial institutions to complete a macroeconomic risk assessment on how to capture and measure impact on a firm. Beyond measuring macroeconomic factors, it is important to consider political risks. Typically, this is done through proposing various scenarios: optimistic, pessimistic, status quo. However, in this analysis, often only a few options are considered- highly optimistic or somewhat pessimistic. There are several problems with this approach- specifically, because the optimistic scenario is often highly optimistic and the pessimistic scenario is often not pessimistic enough. Furthermore, this limited approach doesn’t allow for a probability distribution. The Capstone team will work with BCG Platinion to research and develop a methodology to incorporate political uncertainty into a probabilistic framework that uses scenario design as a foundation for forecasting. The Capstone team will conduct a literature review of foundational works written on political risk assessment and then develop a methodology for assessing/predicting political risk within the general confines of a risk management model. The model will be applied to three case studies that have been pre-selected by BCG Platinion.