This project is a formative review of the teacher-training program, Ruang Berbagi Ilmu (RuBI), which is an initiative of the Indonesian, education non-governmental organization known as Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar (“Indonesian Teaching Movement”). This report shows RuBI’s initial results and identifies its strengths and opportunities for improvement. For this research, a Columbia University SIPA student team conducted 64 interviews, focus groups and observations with a total of 117 study participants who are diverse RuBI stakeholders in: Jakarta, Musi Banyuasin, Bima, and Ternate within Indonesia. This research finds that RuBI is meeting its mission of training teachers in creative methods and inspiring broader citizen engagement in education. However, the findings also highlights opportunities for enhancing RuBI’s performance, and therefore make recommendation for how RuBI can further increase citizen engagement, maximize communication channels, and improve internal processes for information management. Applying these recommendations will help enable RuBI to achieve its goal of long-term sustainability and of making a positive impact in education and civic engagement in Indonesia.