The SIPA team was tasked with carrying out an initial assessment of the Al Hassan Workers' Center in Jordan. Set up by the International Labour Organization in 2013, the Center aimed to meet the needs of migrant workers in the Al Hassan Industrial Estate in the areas of advocacy, legal and medical assistance, and educational and psychosocial services, on top of providing them with a recreational space in the isolated industrial estate. The team made two field visits in January and March 2016 and carried out focus group discussions with the migrant workers. Using a series of participatory methods, the team sought to identify the workers' needs, to what extent the Center was meeting them, and what they hoped the Center could provide. From these discussions, the team found that the Center was an important humanizing space that provided workers with dignity and self-confidence in several ways. Workers also saw the skills-based classes provided at the Center as an avenue through which they could invest in skills development, in order to achieve upward economic mobility. While language remains a barrier for workers to fully avail of the Center's services, the recruitment of staff members speaking more South Asian languages would go a long way towards increasing the operational capacity of the Center.