The Capstone Workshop will focus on exploring the application of new technologies to UN peace operations, specifically through an analysis of the needs and challenges faced by the UN, along with a proposal of cutting-edge technologies that can be operated in the UN context. Despite the need for new technologies – such as situational awareness capabilities, integrated communication platforms, emergency location and communication equipment, improved explosive device detection and mitigation technology, and early warning systems for the protection of UN troops – UN peacekeeping and political missions often work with rudimentary or outdated tools.   They have been slow to adopt new technology and to identify how new technology could fill existing capability gaps, often due to hurdles erected by those countries hosting UN missions, UN member states, the Security Council, and the UN bureaucracy itself.

The Capstone Workshop will analyze the experience of the UN with modern technologies in peace operations to date; survey the technological needs of a selection of key UN missions; identify how technology can improve mandate delivery and peace operation performance; and categorize the main operational, political, and bureaucratic challenges preventing the adoption of mission-critical innovations in UN peace operations. With this information, the Capstone will explore developing technologies and private sector solutions applicable to the selected UN peace operations, taking into account the particular challenges confronted by the UN. The outcome of the Capstone will be an actionable report detailing proposals for specific technologies and innovative approaches that could be deployed in UN peace operations in response to identified gaps.