The Mayor’s Operations Innovation Team (O-Team) is a partnership between the Office of the Mayor, the Mayor’s Fund, and the L.A. Coalition for the Economy and Jobs to match private and public-sector talent to improve important and strategically selected city services. The O-team is tasked with leveraging innovation and partnerships to spark positive change through three core initiatives: turning city-owned real estate into an engine of business development, embracing employee wellness and safety in a way that reduces workers compensations costs, and improving the procurement process as to be more open, inclusive, appealing, and better aligned with modern businesses and markets.

The purpose of the Capstone project will be to create a series of low cost/high impact solutions to focus on projects, programs and services that could have the most impact for the unsheltered, street homeless.  Particular focus will be given to ways in which the city can use available public infrastructure, including real estate assets such as parks, libraries and vacant lots to positively impact the lives of this population.  For example, these spaces could be used to create quality of life services such as mobile hygiene units for showers and haircuts, counseling centers, safe spaces, and other supportive services.