After shocking the world with his victory last November and a year into his presidency, many want to understand who really supports Donald Trump, who opposes him, what media sources are used to build their narratives and how they interpret the political dynamics of the last year. Alto Data Analytics is an international data firm based in Spain that provides software and big data services to public, private and non-profit organizations around the world, among them IKEA, Telefonica, Oxfam, Santander, the UN and the BBC. Bringing to the table their ability to understand digital narratives and pinpoint key influencers, Alto will collaborate with SIPA Capstone Workshop team in researching the real voices of influential Trump supporters and opposers and painting a broad picture of his impact on political conversations. As recent elections in France and Kenya demonstrate, flows of political information are increasingly complex, fragmented and volatile in many countries around the world. The proposed analysis is relevant on a broad global context for those interested in public policies on information and communications.