The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) coordinates and promotes Human Rights Education and Training (HRET) programs through their Methodology, Education and Training Section (METS) based in Geneva, Switzerland. Motivated by the OHCHR’s fourth phase of the World Programme for Human Rights Education and its focus on youth, this report identified and mapped existing non-governmental organizations and academic institutions with human rights education-related goals and programming that target youth (particularly focusing on the UN definition of youth, ages 15-24). The database comprised three tiers of organizations: (1) those that currently undertake HRET without defining their programs as such, as well as institutions that either (2) have a human rights mission or (3) embody human rights values without explicitly using human rights language, and are poised to establish HRET programs.

This project used categories to assess organizational strength as a potential collaborator with the OHCHR, including mission, regions active, target audience, program objectives and content, strength of engagement, and transparency. Further analysis allowed the Capstone team to identify regional trends and revealed areas ripe for the expansion of HRET programming. Through this research, the project made selected recommendations to the OHCHR, identifying regionally and globally active stakeholders that are equipped to implement methodologically-sound HRET programming. The initial findings were presented at a side event of the 2019 United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, allowing the Capstone team to engage with young advocates in the education, human rights, and civil society spaces from across the globe.