The project collaborated with WomenStrong International (Washington, DC), a consortium running programs to uplift and empower women in extreme poverty in urban areas. In Kisumu, Kenya, WomenStrong has partnered with Alice Visionary Foundation Project (AVFP). AVFP aims at improving the quality of life of women micro entrepreneurs in Kisumu through education, food security and poverty alleviation. This workshop project identified the broader ecological framework within which these women can continue to progress, set the roadmap for women’s transition from abject indigence to small-scale entrepreneurship, and mapped potential partnerships and linkages with the government, financial institutions, and other NGOs for AVFP to better serve women participating in their groups savings and loans program. By identifying processes to help female slum dwellers move from conditions of poverty to running their own businesses, and eventually their integration in the formal sector economy, Women Strong and AVFP are promoting women’s economic empowerment in the region.