Tackling transnational organized crime is a major priority for the United Kingdom and the Home Office.  Historically, the UK has focused on disruption of existing transnational crime rings, but is now turning attention towards effective strategies for prevention and deterrence of organized crime from taking root at the country and regional level. The Capstone project would build on the work of the previous Capstone team, which was to find the best tools, methods, and approaches for preventing and deterring organized crime groups in source and transit countries. To do this, the team analyzed drivers of organized crime around the world, evaluated existing tools, methods, and approaches to combating organized crime, and proposed novel solutions in nine policy objectives that carefully allocate the resources of the UK Home Office based upon their effectiveness. Following case studies of countries representing different levels of capacity and political will to combat transnational organized crime, the team developed a tiered categorization system to guide the implementation of policy solutions.