The Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation’s (AIPR) mission is to support states by helping them develop policies that focus on genocide and mass atrocity prevention. In addition to providing technical assistance and government training programs, AIPR publishes an annual report, “National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes,” which examines prevention mechanisms in select states.  This year, the Capstone team was tasked to prepare this report.

The research for this project was based on questionnaires developed by AIPR and sent to participating states. Data for the publication included interviews conducted with AIPR personnel and government officials from select countries.

This year’s booklet included the following:

1) An analysis of countries with existing preventive mechanisms (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United States);

2) An analysis of countries in the process of institutionalizing preventive mechanisms (Ecuador and South Sudan); 

3) Tools that could aid in the consolidation of national mechanisms (the Global Parliamentarian Program and the Latin American Parliamentarian Dialogue).

The booklet concluded with an analysis of the challenges these states face and presents a range of innovative solutions to overcome them.