New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative is a cross-Program initiative designed to leverage various New America Programs (especially the International Security Program and New America’s Open Technology Institute) to bring fresh ideas and perspective to the cybersecurity policy debate.

NATO's primary mission is to prevent war. Cyber capabilities complicate that for many reasons, primarily by blurring the line between war and peace. They have the potential create instability between countries—both in terms of changing the offensive opportunities and defensive vulnerabilities—as well as the potential to undermine important strategic balances that have been established over decades, not least in the nuclear balance, underpinned by space and ballistic missile defense capabilities. This Capstone workshop will seek to address questions like: How do you achieve strategic stability in this new environment? Can you use cyber capabilities to strengthen deterrence? If so, what is the role of NATO in using cyber tools to deter threats below the level of armed conflict? How do you manage what Allies do nationally given the overarching aim of the Alliance? And how do you prepare for war without undermining stability?