The Capstone Workshop will explore new technologies that can assist civilian communities in protection strategies, especially when they cannot depend on outside actors and conventional assistance.  The Capstone will focus on three key areas: (1) security, (2) humanitarian assistance, and (3) accountability.  While technology does not constitute the panacea for the support of civilians in conflict zones, serving as one tool in the protection toolbox, it nonetheless has the potential to significantly enhance protection strategies and facilitate lifesaving assistance. 

The aim of the Capstone will be to explore how new technologies can assist civilian protection efforts by providing early warning systems; analysis and mapping of protection threats; improving quick response capabilities; verifiably documenting human rights violations and war crimes; raising international awareness; improving the allocation of limited resources; and improving access to social services and delivery mechanisms for aid.  Technologies that the Capstone will explore could include remote sensing, crisis mapping, mesh networks, UAVs, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.  In addition to a report, concrete outcomes of the Capstone will include the creation of a manual for applicable technologies for civilian protection in conflict areas and a mapping document of UN agencies and other key actors playing a role in this field.