The Human Rights Initiative (HRI) at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) was launched in June 2014, and focuses on bringing together key actors with a cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary approach, focused on catalyzing game-changing solutions to the globe's most pressing human rights challenges. HRI is exploring the intersections between conflict, security and technology and is specifically interested in the links between online hate speech and communal/civil conflict. Online hate speech is a new factor that catalyzes conflict when certain preconditions are met.  In Kenya, online speech is believed to have driven election-related violence.  In Sri Lanka, hate speech on Facebook reportedly led to anti-Muslim riots in 2018 that killed several people and left the country in a state of emergency.  In India, “fake news” propagated on WhatsApp has led to multiple deaths.  Most notoriously, genocidal violence against the Rohingya in Myanmar was incited and organized on Facebook. The aim of this project is to understand if hate speech must be highly context specific to predict conflict.