On March 22, 2017, Morgan Stanley’s Fusion Center was formally established as an organization within Technology Information and Risk (TIR) division charged with driving the overall orchestration of the Firm’s cybersecurity operations and incident response. This involves managing the end-to-end Threat Intelligence process to create a comprehensive cyber threat picture; developing and implementing a Cyber Analytics program to ensure an integrated and robust set of detection capabilities; and orchestrating rapid response to Cyber Events.

This project seeks to determine if there is an ‘optimal’ organizational structure to enable cybersecurity operations at large financial institutions, as well as other major corporations. The students will conduct primary research with several prominent enterprises that have existing cybersecurity centers and identify if there are any core practices and principles (including essential teams, operational functions, leadership positions, or value systems) that successful centers should have. This will include an assessment of Morgan Stanley’s strategy of applying post-9/11 counterterrorism lessons to design its Fusion Cybersecurity Center, and the applicability of this strategy for other firms.