This Capstone Workshop examines how pension fund management both is evolving and must change in response to the most important challenges of the 21st Century: the climate crisis, ecological degradation, and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Capstone team will seek to identify and understand what policies, practices, and incentives are effective or counterproductive in achieving the systemic change necessary for a meaningful, timely, and effective “greening” of institutional asset management. The project aims to do the following: 

  • Develop a framework of measuring how ‘green’ pension systems around the world currently are; 
  • Develop a questionnaire to send to IOPS / OECD members to document the regulatory and market practices around the world;
  • Using questionnaire responses and public market data to establish a ‘ranking’ of pension systems by adoption of green/ sustainable practice;
  • Modeling impact on regulatory change on pension system asset allocation and financial flows; 
  • Produce selected number of case studies to demonstrate how green practices have been adopted and become widespread in certain jurisdictions.