A team of students worked with the Rwando-Congolese Dialogue, an initiative that brings together Rwandan and Congolese youth civil society leaders working in the areas of environment, income generation, health and other social sectors for capacity building activities. The Dialogue aims to enable participants to strengthen their own organizations while fostering cross-border dialogue and cooperation. Over the course of seven months, the team conducted research to learn more about the NGO, governmental and fundraising landscapes in both Rwanda and Eastern Congo. They also traveled to Kigali and Gisenyi in Rwanda to interview key stakeholders from both countries in order to assess support and receive guidance so as best to inform future efforts of the Dialogue. Based on an analysis of the data, the team developed a series of 14 actionable recommendations for improving the organization under the broader themes of: (1) Organizational focus, (2) Ensuring sustainability, (3) Formalizing relationships, and (4) Promoting Visibility.