Reimagining UN Peacekeeping Mandates in the Middle East


The Capstone team analyzed the UN peacekeeping missions in the Middle East - United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, and United Nations Truce Supervision Organization and proposed recommendations to USUN to maximize their effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Given the scope and complexity of changes that the region has undergone in recent years, these missions have struggled to fulfill their outdated mandates. Based on comprehensive research - primary and secondary sources, 35 interviews in NYC, and field visits to Lebanon, Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights - the team offered tailored and feasible changes for each mission, along with a vision of a more streamlined UN posture in the region. These recommendations included improvements in technologies used, more simplified coordination and communication mechanisms as well as incremental reductions to troop and civilian personnel. To implement their recommendations, the team developed political and diplomatic strategies along with new language to amend the missions’ mandates.