Military units, justice institutions, and law enforcement bodies that make up the security sector exist to maintain the rule of law, protect the autonomy of States, and prevent individuals or groups from compromising the rights of others. The collective body of evidence available to policy makers suggests that certain institutions of accountability and oversight, both within government and within civil society, are critical to preventing security force misconduct, but to date, there is no diagnostic tool available for making a preliminary determination of the risk of gross violations of human rights based on the presence or absence of any of these indicators.

This project aims to collect and review the known indicators of risk in one place where policy makers can assign a relative risk profile to a partner nation’s security forces based on an index that includes quantitatively sound data and equally sound qualitative analysis at its foundation.  This index rating can help policymakers understand how to shape security force assistance and direct attention to areas of deficiency in preliminary planning processes, and so that later field assessments can benefit from early warning and areas of necessary attention.