The Municipality of Benito Juarez carried out an implementation and installation of a hydrological study, civil works and the incorporation of technology (loT) to estimate water collection, visualize volumes in real time and storage in their systems. Certain areas of the Benito Juarez municipality have water pipe problems, such as leaks in the infrastructure, which have left the population without water for days. By implementing IoT to measure harvested rainwater volumes in real-time, the city is not only transforming itself to a smart city and improving decision-making in regards to water management, but it will also lead to providing better solutions to be more efficient with the use of one of the most valuable and vital natural resources: water; and to become genuinely a self-sustained municipality.

The Capstone team will conduct a literature review on rainwater harvesting already occurring in the municipality. The team will also review the literature on climate change risk adaptation and municipal infrastructure. Lastly, the Capstone team will provide cost benefit analysis and a road map for how to scale up rainwater harvesting within the municipality.