The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) is an organization that promotes the profession of midwifery in order to enhance the reproductive health of women, their newborns, and families. ICM is made up of many Midwifery Associations (MAs), and part of the organization’s goal is to provide support and guidance for these representatives around the world.

The objective of this project was to support these efforts by making improvements to the Member Association Capacity Assessment Tool (MACAT), a tool which provides insight into and guidance on the organizational structure of an Association. The Capstone team conducted in-depth interviews with the international ICM team members and Association leaders and completed fieldwork in South Africa and Mexico to understand the challenges with the most recent version of the MACAT (2014) and the specific issues that each Association may encounter when reflecting on its organizational structure. These challenges included difficult vocabulary, repetitive content, and ambiguous questions. Using this information as a guide, the Capstone team updated the MACAT, which clarified unclear language, reduced redundancies, and reframed questions to have more guided and specific answers. The MACAT was also restructured to include an embedded checklist, which indicates the materials needed to answer the qualitative questions that follow. Finally, the new version of the MACAT also allows respondents to reflect on their Associations in detail and ICM to glean more information about each organization.