Article 29 of the National Security Law states that the Government of Timor-Leste (GoTL) will establish a Crisis Management Centre Centro de Integrado de Gestao de Crisis (CIGC) as a specialized body which functions directly under supervision of the Prime Minister.  This Centre plays an important role and defines the response of entities who take part in the CIGC when threats, risks, crises and disaster arise in Timor-Leste.  However, previously the National Disaster Management Directorate (NDMD) served as the primary conduit for managing all efforts related to disaster preparedness and response.  Moreover, the National Disaster Operation Centre (DOC) falls directly under the NDMD and plays a critical role in processing and distributing rapid information when a disaster and subsequent relief operations take place.  The creation of the CIGC body is part of the GoTL efforts to improve coordination across line ministries, but it can potentially stymie response time if not exercised and properly integrated. 

Indeed, a network of governmental and non-governmental organization stand ready to support the GoTL to address disaster reliefs.  However, the supporting organizations need to carefully balance their level of support and not replace or complicate the authority of the host nation.  Therefore, future efforts and strategies should focus on building GoTL governmental capacity through training and rehearsing their existing structure and authorities.  The Capstone will help provide research designed to identify areas of strength, areas of improvement, and possible next steps to better its disaster management capacity, will directly support the GoTL goals and objectives – and support a more resilient and self-sufficient Timor-Leste.