Open Development Initiative (ODI) is an open data platform and information network developed by the East-West Management Institute to provide information on development trends in the Lower Mekong countries. ODI’s objective is to increase public awareness, enable individual analysis, improve information sharing, and inform rigorous debate. Our SIPA team, consisting of seven students, developed work for the incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals into ODI’s work, exploring the role that ODI can play within the 2030 Agenda. Through desk research, field interviews and surveys, the team provided three final deliverables: 1) Publications on Cambodia, Myanmar and the region as a whole, with policy overview and analysis regarding SDG monitoring, planning and implementation; 2) Data analysis and visualizations within these publications, to simplify and improve understandings of complex matters for the general public; and 3) A final report with internal recommendations for the client, which presents a strategy for SDGs, focused more specifically on Cambodia and Myanmar.