United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) Clean Start Programme is managing a three-phase Renewable Energy Challenge Fund (RECF). The first phase involves clean cooking enterprises, seven of which are expected to receive grants. 

UNCDF desires to transform the clean cooking market in Uganda.  One dimension of that transformation involves increasing the number and quality of enterprises acting throughout the clean cooking value chain.  UNCDF’s RECF offers a way to gather a wide and deep cross-section of these actors.  Unfortunately, the RECF offers grants for implementation to only a small fraction of eligible firms who apply (~60).  There are also numerous (~60) other firms who were initially considered as possible applicants, creating a data set (of varying quality) of over 120 firms.  UNCDF would like the Capstone team to determine if organizing the company-by-company data represents a practical and value-adding step to:

  • Strengthening the industry in Uganda
  • Identifying transformative ideas that might be developed further and-or referred to others
  • Providing a useful sales and marketing tool to companies
  • Identify company weaknesses and identifying steps (technical or business development assistance) to strengthen such companies
  • Opportunities to improve the RECF process.