Professor Steven Cohen, Director of the MPA-ESP program as well as Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Earth Institute, has been advising the team that is working with the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability in an attempt to better understand the system’s vast and extremely complicated food system that is not well understood but has wide impact on New York City’s residents. While little work has been done to analyze New York’s food system comprehensively, the students working on this project have helped the Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability improve its understanding of where New York City’s food comes from and the method in which it is grown or processed, and its trajectory into the city and onto New Yorkers’ tables, with a special emphasis on the production, procurement and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables. The project identified three main conclusions: there exists consistent and resilient supply distribution, uncertainty regarding food origins and production methods, and that consumer demand drives food choice availability.