The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent the UN’s blueprint for achieving a more sustainable and inclusive future. However, a funding gap persists in many developing countries, hindering development in key areas such as infrastructure, agriculture and education. This Capstone project analysed the prospects of the UNDP working with Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) to facilitate private sector investment into development projects in line with the SDGs.  The Capstone identified three case studies of countries with a UNDP presence: Armenia, Bangladesh and Benin and performed research into the prevailing political and economic conditions in these countries.  They conducted interviews with members of the UNDP local offices as well as the DFIs operating in these countries to identify the challenges to stimulating development. Thereafter, they identified groups of developing countries that share common characteristics with the three case studies. Following which, the team conducted research into DFIs’ investment strategies and operations to elucidate their behaviour to outside observers such as UNDP. The team then proposed a suite of recommendations to UNDP based on the common challenges DFIs faced in developing countries, providing UNDP with entry points to engage with DFIs. The project concluded that UNDP should collaborate with DFIs early, and that engagement should start at the local level.