The Army Future Studies Group (SSG) conducts independent, unconventional, and revolutionary research and analysis to generate operational and strategic concepts for future land forces as directed by Army leadership. This Capstone project will focus on the challenges of future (2020-2040) military operations in dense urban areas. These operations include civil support & disaster relief missions, counter terrorism and counter insurgency, and major combat operations. The Capstone team will focus on the technological and civil dimensions of this problem, with the AFSG providing military expertise as required. Topical areas of interest include:

  • What are potential types of future technologies that will impact military operations; e.g. advanced information systems, robotic ground vehicles, aerial surveillance systems, etc.? How may these technologies be employed in dense urban areas and what are their implications for military operations?
  • What useful assumptions can be made about the physical configuration of future urban landscapes and the functions of urban ecosystems, based on the potential impacts of new technologies, new/improved infrastructure systems, population growth, changing patterns of economic activity, etc.?