The GE Capstone team looked at the storage industry within the United States. Through online research, speaking with industry experts, and materials provided by GE, the team was able to properly evaluate the storage industry from a market and finance standpoint. This was through looking at various state and territory markets within the United States, considering different policy implications, the established competitors and completed projects within each location.

The research focused on 10 state markets and 1 territory that were determined to be suitable options for GE’s storage deployment. Additionally, the Capstone team analyzed financing structures that have been successfully utilized with other renewable energy projects that were determined to be viable options for GE’s storage developments. Finally, the Capstone team created a financial model to analyze storage projects using cost assumptions and revenue streams from three of the pre-determined markets. This tool allowed the team to detail the sensitivity of projects towards installation costs, revenue stream inputs and tax credits. In conclusion, with (1) the market analysis, (2) financing structures and (3) financial model, GE now has the resources needed to strategically make major waves within the United States’ storage industry.