The Institute of International Finance is the global association of the financial industry, with close to 500 members from 70 countries. Its mission is to support the financial industry in the prudent management of risks; to develop sound industry practices; and to advocate for regulatory, financial and economic policies that are in the broad interests of its members and foster global financial stability and sustainable economic growth. The IIF has added dedicated units on innovation and the regulation of digital finance to identify new developments and focus the industry and public sector on the implications. IIF members include commercial and investment banks, asset managers, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, central banks, and development banks.

This project will explore how financial services value chains, particularly banking and capital markets, are currently being reshaped by disruptive technologies and the potential impacts of next generation technologies. This involves evaluating how artificial intelligence and alternative payments technologies are already changing customer expectations, reshaping value chains, and introducing new business models. The Capstone will also analyze how the pace of transformation, driven by technology, is accelerating and the next generation—in particular, quantum computing and distributed crypto applications—seem poised to amplify this disruption and change.  Based on their findings, the Capstone team will also make recommendations to how the financial services industry and the public sector can work together to ensure that they can keep pace with the evolution.