The project will examine the role, risks, and resilience of young people in peace and security within the United States. In line with Agenda 2030 and goal 16 on “peaceful, just and inclusive societies” as a global objective for all countries, the approach will recognize that the dynamics around youth, peace and security are not only relevant to conflict settings, and are key issues within established democracies such as the United States. The project will analyze the dynamics related to Youth and Security in the US and help identify how youth address violence and peacebuilding in two US cities (for example NYC and Chicago) exploring issues such as:

1) How are young people portrayed by mainstream media in relations to security issues, on the basis of a media analysis of news coverage for a specifically defined period (e.g. post 9/11, Arab Spring, presidential campaign, Black lives matter movement)

2) How and what role youth have in urban areas to help combat rising tide of gun violence, 

3) How and what role youth have in contributing to a dialogue around law enforcement and minority youth, etc.

The Capstone team will identify and assess the prevalent attitudes and assumptions about Youth, Peace and Security in the US, and engage with youth ‘voice, agency and leadership’ in areas of innovation and initiative, to draw out lessons from the US case studies. The objective is to explore the issues of youth marginalization and exclusion, and some of the potential consequences (both risk and resilience), as well as the framing of the “youth problem”, and the innovation and initiative of young people who are trying to solve these problems.