ANNOUNCEMENT: Fall 2019 Capstone Workshops

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Fall 2019 Capstone Workshops




Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Community Development Finance Initiative (CoDeFi) Achieving Impact for Opportunity Zones: Mapping the Universe of Tools, Methods, and Frameworks Available to Communities and Investors Howard W. Buffet

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Mobilizing Investment for National Sustainable Development Strategies

Isabelle Delalex

Norton Bay Inter-Tribal Watershed Council


Best Practices for Consultation and Consent with Indigenous Peoples for the Extractive Industries


Mahima Achuthan

United States Department of State

Labor Rights Accountability Mechanisms and Their History

Scott Martin

Capstone Workshops Overview 

A core requirement for the Master of International Affairs (MIA), Master of Public Administration (MPA), and Master of Public Affairs in Development Practice (MPA-DP),  the Capstone Workshops give students an opportunity to put learning into practice. Serving as a culminating educational experience for the Master of International Affairs and Master of Public Administration degree programs, students in all of the concentrations, except for the Economic and Political Development (EPD) concentration, complete a Capstone Workshop in their final semester. Students are organized into small consulting teams (between 4 to 8 students per team) and assigned a substantive, policy-oriented project with an external client. Clients include public agencies (from the local to national level), international NGOs and multinational organizations, and major firms in the private sector—recent examples include Barclays, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Mercy Corps, Morgan Stanley, New York City Mayor’s Office, United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office, and the World Bank Group. Student teams, working under the supervision of a faculty expert, answer a carefully defined problem posed by the client. Each team produces an actionable report and an oral briefing of their findings at the close of the Capstone that is designed to translate into real change on the ground.

SIPA Capstone Workshops are available to MIA, MPA and MPA-DP students primarily during the spring semester of their final year. A small number of workshops are offered in the fall semester for students who are graduating at the end of the fall term.

Read the Capstone Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Students

Spring 2019 Capstone Workshops 

Client Capstone Faculty Advisor
125th Street Business Improvement District (Harlem) What Strategic Interventions Can Transform 125th Street in Harlem to a Key Manhattan Destination? Seth Pinsky
AfricInvest Exploring New Transaction Infrastructure in Africa Powered by Blockchain Technologies Bruce Taragin
BCG Platinion Political Risk Assessment Using Scenario Analysis Clifford A. Young
Bloomberg BNA International Finance Corporation's Environmental and Social Performance Standards (PS) and the United States Natural Gas Pipeline Industry: Benchmarking of IFC PS with U.S. Law Mahima Achuthan
Bonsucro- Human Rights Clinic The Impact of the Bonsucro Standard & Certification on Human Rights in the Sugarcane Sector Joanne Bauer
Business Development Bank of Canada Serving the Public Good: Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector Christine Capilouto
CARE Assessing the Impact of Women’s Village Savings and Loans Associations on Building Resilience in Humanitarian Response Josh Chaffin 
Citi Private Bank Investing with Purpose: Exploring the Use of ESG Ratings in Portfolio Construction Alicia Ogawa
Citigroup What is the Most Cost-Effective way to Finance Affordable Rental Housing?

Richard Koss

Equality Myanmar Countering Hate Speech in Myanmar: Human Rights Capacity-Building in Context Kristina Eberbach and Benedict Fleming
Eurasia Group The Weaponization of Investment Restrictions Markus Jaeger
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Women-entrepreneurs in Turkey: Measuring Impact of Access to Finance Michelle Greene
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Analyzing the Mechanics of the Pre and Post Crisis Operating Frameworks for the ECB, BoJ and Federal Reserve Daniel Waldman
FireEye How does Iran Conceive of Cyber as Part of its National Strategy?   Gregory Rattray
Government of Aruba- Chief Innovation Officer Developing an E-Governance Knowledge-platform for the Government of Aruba Alexis Wichowski
Government of Aruba- Chief Innovation Officer Reimagining Aruba Free Zones for Economic Diversification Adam Quinton
Government of Estonia Estonia, The Skype Nation—How a Small Nation Can be and Remain a Global Leader: What Does It Take? Jenik Radon
Government of Nigeria: Solid Minerals Development Fund Creation of a Sustainable Mining Program for Nigeria Christine Capilouto
Government of Peru Implementing/Securing Community Consent in Mining Areas Jenik Radon
IFC/ILO Better Work Jordan Mental Health Services for Migrant Workers and Other Workers in Jordan’s Garment Industry Daniel Naujoks
Institute for International Finance Value Chain Disruption and the Future of Finance: AI, Quantum Computing, and Distributed Crypto Katheryn Rosen
Inter-American Development Bank Urban Interventions to Activate Public Spaces in Santiago de los Caballeros Marcela Tovar-Restrepo
Inter-American Development Bank Toward Efficient Regulation of Fin-Tech in the LAC Region - Alternative Finance for MSMEs Fernando B. Sotelino
International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) Operationalizing and Financing Climate Smart Investment Plans in Asia and Africa Daniel Osgood
International Confederation of Midwives Strengthening Midwives Associations by Redesigning the Midwifery Association Capacity Assessment Tool Anne Liu
International Peace Institute New Technologies to Support Protection of Civilians, Humanitarian Aid and Accountability Walter Miller
Kyusa Designing an M&E System to Help a Non-Profit Organization Scale Up Mohammad Nurul Alam
Laboratory of Excellence for Financial Regulation (LabEx-ReFi) Delegating Financial Regulation in the European Union – Assessing the Impacts of Regulations Sharyn O'Halloran
Mercy Corps Engaging Young People in Humanitarian Response- Country Focus, Nepal: From Compact, to Guidelines, to Action Suzanne Hollmann
Microsoft What do Shifting Coalitions among Liberal Democracies Mean for International Agreements on Cybersecurity? Adam Segal
Moody's Investors Service Credit Implications of Chinese Investment in Latin America-Infrastructure investment Joel Moser
Morgan Stanley Cyber Fusion Optimal Organizational Design of Enterprise Cybersecurity Centers Neal Pollard
Morgan Stanley- Global Head of Financial Crimes Cryptocurrencies: Evaluating Risk and Regulation in the Digital Currency Age Annemarie McAvoy
Municipality of Santiago, Chile Harnessing Data to Improve Santiago’s Public Services and Revenues Carol O'Cleireacain
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities Balancing State Mandates with Federal Jurisdiction – What are the Best Policies for New Jersey with regards to Environmental Goals and Participation in Multi-state Markets? A. J. Goulding
New York Cares Volunteerism’s Effect on Community Health: How to Measure and Optimize the Broad Impact of Volunteer Management Andrew M. Ditton
New York City Center for Innovation and Data Intelligence Updating and Enhancing NYC’s Well-Being Index Eva Weissman
New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Public Housing Infrastructure, Finance and Management Nicole Ferreira and James McIntyre
New York City Special Prosecutor for Narcotics Combating the Opioid Epidemic through Effective Messaging and Prevention Education Strategies Janet Tobias
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Sustainable City Mobility Innovations Joah Sapphire
Ramirez & Co. Inc. Expansion of the U.S. Municipal Green Bond Market through the Development of a Multilateral State Reciprocity Program Melanie Petsch
ReNew Power Latin America Market Entry Strategy for Leading Indian Renewable Energy Company David Sandalow
Smallholder Farmers Alliance Smallholder Data Initiative Rob Johnson
United Kingdom Home Office, Conflict, Stabilisation and Security Adviser Prevention and Deterrence Strategies for Transnational Organized Crime Annemarie McAvoy
United Nations Capital Development Fund Uganda Solar Enterprise Portfolio Business Planning Ellen Morris and Catherine Diam-Valla
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) Mobilizing Long Term Finance for Support of the SDGS Isabelle Delalex
United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations Security Council Members’ Role in Supporting Political Processes in UN Peacekeeping Settings: Can They Walk the Talk? Elisabeth Lindenmayer
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) UNDP's Future Engagement with Development Finance Institutions: Tapping into Private Sector Financing for Development Hans-Martin Boehmer
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Sustainable Energy

What Constraints Prevent the EU from Receiving LNG Import?  What Incentives are Needed?

Natasha Udensiva
United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Mapping Existing Global and Regional Human Rights Education and Training initiatives and Organizations, in particular those Targeting Youth Sandra Sirota
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mobilizing Institutional Investment Capital for Development Hans-Martin Boehmer
United States Army Future Studies Group The Information Environment in Dense Urban Areas, 2020-2040 Daniel Madden
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Affairs Supporting the Government of Nepal’s Disaster Management: Interagency Communication Techniques Karen L. Levin
United States Department of Defense, MD5 Technology Accelerator How to Develop a Military Technology Ecosystem? Elad Yoran
United States Department of State, Global Engagement Center Measuring the Impact and Effectiveness of Adversarial Propaganda and Disinformation Robert McKenzie
United States Embassy Amman Political Section Assessing Options for Syrian IDP Returns from the Rukban Encampment on the Syria-Jordan Border Rachel Smith-Levy and Walter Miller
United States Mission to the United Nations Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Threats to International Peace and Security John Paul Farmer
United States National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency One Belt-One Road Project Daniel Rosen
Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables Energy Resilience in Puerto Rico: The Role of Advanced Microgrids Jeanne Fox
World Bank Group, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Disruptive Technologies to Improve Lending for Agriculture in East Africa Tim Meyer and Ulrike Zeilberger
World Bank Group, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Leveraging Pension Savings to Access Housing Finance Timothy J. Goodspeed
World Bank Group, Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Local Currency Bond Markets in EMEs: Determinants and Sequencing in the Development of Capital Markets Robert Kopech