Spring 2017
Client Capstone Advisor Courseworks
United States Department of State—Global Engagement Center Digital Early Warning— Identifying the Very Early Key Indicators of Radicalization by Known Extremists on Social Media Neal Pollard
IHS Markit A Global Low-Carbon Challenge Jason Bordoff
Morgan Stanley Analyzing Risk for Financial Institutions—Recommendations for ways to Improve/Adapt Current Model to Better Address Emerging Threats Annemarie McAvoy
Thomson Reuters, Wood Mackenzie Analyzing the Rebalance of Global Crude Oil Markets Russell Dyk
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Wealth and Investment Management Assessing Client Interest of Impact Investing Melanie Petsch
GE Ventures Assessing the Economic and Technological Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in a Modernizing Grid Landscape A. J. Goulding
Standard Chartered Bank Aviation Financing at Standard Chartered Bank—the Americas, a Growth Opportunity? Fernando Sotelino
IBM (Market Development and Insights Group) Beyond Fitbit: Trends and Healthcare Policy Considerations for the Cognitive Internet of Things Adam Quinton
RAND Corporation Checkmating Russia’s Assertiveness in Eastern Europe Colin F. Jackson
GRID Alternatives Tri-State Community Solar for Low- to Moderate-Income Households Steven Caputo
AXA Insurance–AXA Insurance Strategic Investment Team Cyber Security, Big Data, Infrastructure, Mobile Marketing, Social Media—AXA Strategic Ventures Survey Tristate Area CIOs and IT groups on IT Spending Changes Bruce Taragin
New America, Cybersecurity Initiative Cybersecurity as an Engine for Growth Adam Segal
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Digital Financial Services and Fintech in Africa: Using Partial Credit Guarantees to Promote Financial Inclusion Hans-Martin Boehmer
World Bank Group Economic/Financial Analysis and Impact Assessment of World Bank Financed Information and Communication Technology (ICT) investments in Malawi Alexander Heil
New York City Economic Development Corporation Effective Use of Public-Private Partnerships to Grow New York City’s Economy Kevin G. Kelly
Mercy Corps Engaging Refugee and Displaced Youth in the Middle East as Partners in Change Sarah Deardorff Miller
IFC/ILO Better Work Jordan Examining Barriers of Workforce Integration for Syrian Refugees in Jordan Daniel Naujoks
Solar Sister Exploring Pay As You Go Solar as a Means to Combat Energy Poverty Ellen Morris
Current, powered by GE- Project Finance Team Financing Solutions for Renewables Projects in Mexico A. J. Goulding
Barclays Public Finance Department Green for Green: Optimizing Public Financing for Conservationist and Sustainable Infrastructure John C. Liu
United States Strategic Command How to Innovate U.S. Strategic Command’s Deterrence and Assurance Operations Howard W. Buffett
CyberGreen Identifying Correlations between Cyber Health and Socioeconomic Conditions Gregory Rattray
Inter-American Development Bank Improving Supply Chain Performance with New Digital Technologies Ulrike Zeilberger, Tim Meyer
The Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution Innovative Approaches to Girls’ Life Skills Education  Allison Anderson
New York City Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence Juvenile Justice in New York City–Improving the Detention System for Juvenile Offenders Eva Weissman
FireEye, Inc. Labor Market Drivers of Future Cyber Threat Activity Katheryn Rosen
Quaternion Risk Management Measuring Systemic Risk through Open Source Tools to Determine Collateralized Exposure Calculations Sharyn O'Halloran
MasterCard Mexico Meeting the United Nations Financial Inclusion Challenge: Assessing the Impact and Sustainability of MasterCard's Mexico Financial Inclusion Pilot D. Holly Hammonds, Roberto Cavazos
United States Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Multilateral Deployment of ASEAN Militaries during Disaster (Indo-Asia-Pacific) Karen L. Levin
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Center for Global Security Research Multiple Frameworks for the U.S. Strategic Posture Austin Long
Government of Namibia (with support of the Office of the President) Namibia: Transparency, Governance and Natural Resources Jenik Radon
Auschwitz Institute for Peace and Reconciliation National Mechanisms for the Prevention of Genocide and other Atrocity Crimes Ariella Lang
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Negative Interest Rates: A Comparison of Negative Interest Rate Implementation Approaches and Experiences across Major Central Banks (e.g. Switzerland, Japan, ECB, Sweden) Daniel Waldman
Crédit Agricole CIB Observations and Outlook for US LNG Exports in a Low-price Global Market Jason Bordoff
La Ciudad Verde Policy Path to Improve Urban Air Quality in Medellín, Colombia Adam Hinge
Government of Peru, President of the Council of Minister's Office Preventing Social Conflict in the Peruvian Mining Industry Jenik Radon
United States Mission to the United Nations Reassessing UN Peacekeeping and Observer Missions in the Middle East
Meridiam Investments Recommending Regulated Utilities Infrastructure Investing Opportunities for a leading Public-Private Partnership Focused Infrastructure Fund Joah Sapphire
Los Angeles Mayor's Operations Innovation Team Reimagining Economic Development for Los Angeles in the 21st Century Seth Pinsky
United States Central Intelligence Agency Reimagining Israel/Palestine: What Are the Alternatives to a “Two-State Solution”? Naomi Weinberger
NYC Special Prosecutor for Narcotics and District Attorney’s Office with Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness Staten Island Needs Assessment: Opioid Addiction Prevention and Treatment Systems of Care Silvia Martins, Lisette Nieves
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Structural Reform and Growth in Middle-income Economies Sara Guerschanik Calvo
New York Life Investment Management/MainStay Investments/Candriam Investors Group Sustainable and Responsible Investing- Evaluating Companies for Effective ESG Practices Isabelle Delalex
UBS Sustainable Finance: Integrating ESG into the Analysis of Private Equity Transactions
Congressional Research Body Technological Change and China’s Public Security System Alexis Wichowski
United States Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) Strategic Studies Group (SSG) The Changing Character of Conflict and Challenges for the US Army Stuart Johnson
Undisclosed The Future of Development Financing: Exploring How New Financing Trends Can Impact the Sustainable Development Goals Hans-Martin Boehmer
International Research & Exchanges Board The Future of News Anya Schiffrin
Bloomberg New Energy Finance The Globalization of Natural Gas with the Development of LNG Jeanne Fox
Barclays Research Unit Water–Energy Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities for Business Natasha Udensiva
Mauritius Financial Services Commission What Future for Mauritius in the Wake of the Panama Papers? Christine Capilouto
Moody’s Investors Service Why do some Countries Manage to Carry High Levels of Debt without Negative Consequences while others Experience Stress at much Lower Levels of Debt? Gray Newman
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office Youth, Peace and Security in the United States Kirsti Samuels
Fall 2016
Client Capstone Advisor Courseworks
Office of the Coordinator for Threat Reduction Programs- U.S. Department of State Approaches for Re-starting/Reframing Cooperation between Russia and the United States to Prevent Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Judyt Mandel
NY Life Investment Management/MainStay Investments/ Candriam Investors Group Investigating Sustainable and Responsible Investing Michelle Greene
CDP Overcoming Main Barriers for Investment into Urban Climate Mitigation Project Damian Busch
Pencils of Promise Recommendations for Country Expansion Rubric Considering Economic, Social and Political Factors Charles Raymond
Statoil ASA Sustainability and Climate Leadership for an Oil, Gas and Energy Company in 2030 Ronald Minsk