Client Capstone Advisor Semester
Invest India Sustainable Foreign Direct Investment: The Roadmap for India to Promote FDI and Achieve its Sustainable Development Goals Mahima Achuthan Fall 2017
United States Department of State, Office of Security and Human Rights, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor The Risk Assessment Index for Security and Human Rights Kirsti Samuels Fall 2017
The Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution Case Studies in Girls’ Life Skills Education Programs Targeting Transitions Outcomes Allison Anderson Fall 2017
New York Life Investment Management/MainStay Investments/ Candriam Investors Group Evaluating ETF Liquidity Ailsa Röell Fall 2017
Alto Data Analytics Mapping the Conversation: From Big Data to the Real Voices of Trump Supporters and Opposers Spring 2018
Federal Reserve Bank of New York Bank of Japan: Japan Yield Curve Control Regime Richard Clarida Spring 2018
GE Energy Utility- Scale Storage & Renewables A. J. Goulding Spring 2018
Inter-American Development Bank E-Commerce Last Mile Logistics Ulrike Zeilberger, Tim Meyer Spring 2018
LabEx-ReFi- French Laboratory of Excellence for Financial Regulation Financial Regulatory Structure: A Methodical Inquiry into the EU Sharyn O'Halloran Spring 2018
Moody’s Investors Service How do Changing Demographics in Latin America Impact the Creditworthiness of these Countries? Timothy J. Goodspeed Spring 2018
New York City Department of Design and Construction Assessing the Economic Impact of Public Capital Projects on Surrounding Neighborhoods Damian Busch Spring 2018
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Impact Investing: The Supply Side Story Hans-Martin Boehmer Spring 2018
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Can Debt Investment Funds Help Finance International Development Hans-Martin Boehmer Spring 2018
Aspen Institute Financial Security Program Building Momentum for a Comprehensive U.S. Financial Inclusion Strategy Michelle Greene Spring 2018
Barclays Public Finance Department Municipal Impact Bonds George Morriss Spring 2018
Barclays Energy Research Unit Addressing the Water Challenge: International Water Project Opportunities and Issues Natasha Udensiva Spring 2018
BCG Platinion Incorporating Political Uncertainty into a Probabilistic Risk Management Toolkit Clifford A. Young Spring 2018
Bloomberg New Energy Finance Can the New Administration Boost the Shale Oil and Gas Boom? Jeanne Fox Spring 2018
China Merchants Bank Developing a Business Strategy for the US Market Fernando Sotelino Spring 2018
Eurasia Group How Governments Strategically Harness Technology in the 21st Century Markus Jaeger Spring 2018
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Resolving Nonperforming Loans in Central Asia and Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED) Sara Guerschanik Calvo Spring 2018
FireEye Assessing Social Media-Driven Influence Operations in Latin America Neal Pollard Spring 2018
Gerstein Fisher SRI Strategies—Are there Trade-offs when Adding Impact Investing to a Quantitative Active Global Equity Portfolio? Melanie Petsch, Thomas Brown Spring 2018
Government of Peru Equitable Distribution of Resources and Avoidance of Social Conflict in the Mining Sector Jenik Radon Spring 2018
Government of Estonia Estonia, The Skype Nation—How a Small Nation Can be a Global Leader and Punch Above its Weight Jenik Radon Spring 2018
IBM GBS: Watson AI Center of Competence Best Practices and Policies for an Ever More AI Dependent World Adam Quinton Spring 2018
IFC/ILO Better Work Jordan The Impact of Better Work Jordan’s Collaborative Efforts with Local Stakeholders Betsy Apple Spring 2018
Institute for International Finance Counting on the Cloud: Implications of Third-Party Vendor Risk on Financial Stability in the Cyber Age Katheryn Rosen Spring 2018
Los Angeles Mayor's Operations Innovation Team Leveraging City Resources to Provide Supportive Services for the Unsheltered Homeless in Los Angeles Seth Pinsky Spring 2018
Mercy Corps Youth Concepts of Social Cohesion in the Middle East Sarah Deardorff Miller Spring 2018
Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), Chief of Staff for the President Commissioner Clean Energy Certificate Secondary Markets A. J. Goulding Spring 2018
Morgan Stanley Global Financial Crimes Unit Detecting Financial Crimes: Evaluating the Efficacy of Automated Transaction Monitoring Annemarie McAvoy Spring 2018
New America, Cybersecurity Initiative NATO and the Role of Cyber Capabilities for Strategic Stability and Deterrence Adam Segal Spring 2018
New York City Center for Innovation and Data Intelligence (CIDI) Addressing Violence through a Public Health Response Eva Weissman Spring 2018
New York City Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development Developing the Pipeline for Good-paying Jobs of the “New Economy” Kevin G. Kelly Spring 2018
New York City Office of the Special Prosecutor for Narcotics , Bronx District Attorney's Office Opioid Epidemic—Needs Assessment of the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Systems of Care in the Bronx Silvia Martins, Diahann Billings-Burford Spring 2018
New York Immigration Coalition Is New York State Really a Sanctuary for All? Understanding the Implications for Undocumented Communities Stacey Cumberbatch Spring 2018
New York Life Investment Management Narrating the Credit Cycle Christopher Rapcewicz Spring 2018
OutRight Action International Leave No Student Behind: Creating Safe Schools and Adolescent Support for LGBTIQ Students Spring 2018
RAND Identifying and Responding to Russian (Mis-)Information Jeffrey Mankoff Spring 2018
Regional Council of the Island of Réunion From Sugar Cane to Digital Services: ICT Challenges for Réunion Island Christine Capilouto Spring 2018
ReNew Power Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Best Practices Benchmarking Analysis D. Holly Hammonds Spring 2018
Smallholder Farmers Alliance Scaling a Successful Social Enterprise Model in Haiti Robert W. Johnson Spring 2018
TechPar Group Applications for the Emerging Blockchain Ecosystem Bruce Taragin Spring 2018
The Clinton Global Foundation Assessing Place-Based Economic Development Interventions Madhuri Kommareddi Spring 2018
Thomson Reuters The New Oil Exporter: Analyzing the Dynamics and Impact of Growing US Crude Exports Russell Dyk Spring 2018
United Nations Peacebuilding Support Office Using Big Data to Prevent Conflict Kirsti Samuels Spring 2018
United Nations Capital Development Fund Uganda Clean Cooking Energy Enterprise Inventory Ellen Morris, Philip LaRocco Spring 2018
United States Department of State Exploring Mediation in Venezuela—Assessing Options for Advancing a Political Solution Pei Tsai Spring 2018
United States Mission to the United Nations (USUN) Innovation and Technology in UN Peace Operations John Paul Farmer Spring 2018
United Nations Women Innovation in Women Programming—Understand the Potential of Using Twitter Data Combined with Traditional Survey Data to Measure Societal Dynamics Related To Violence Against Women (VAW) In Brazil David Dabscheck Spring 2018
United States Chief of Staff of the Army, Army Future Studies Group (AFSG) Urban Futures, Technology and Military Operations: Managing Disaster, Terror, and Tanks in 2020-2040 Daniel Madden Spring 2018
United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) Cyber Analogies in Comparative Perspective Gregory Rattray Spring 2018
Department of Defense, Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance Supporting ASEAN Disaster Management and Emergency Response To Enable Effective Regional Disaster Management via Information Management Platforms Karen L. Levin Spring 2018
United States Department of State—Global Engagement Center Social Media and Violent Extremism: Strategies and Methods to Identify, Monitor, and Influence Extremist Behavior Online Robert McKenzie Spring 2018
Engage Globally , Monteverde Conservation League Financing Community Managed Forest Conservation: The Case of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Ralph Schmidt Spring 2018
Practical Education Network (PEN) From Workshops to Social Change: Building a Hands-On Science Culture among Ghanaian STEM Teachers Suzanne Hollmann Spring 2018
Peru’s Ministry of Education (MINEDU) Offline Internet Resources for Rural Schools in Peru Anne Nelson Spring 2018
International Organization for Migration (IOM) Evaluation of the impacts of IOM’s MICIC work on Policy and Operations in Selected Countries Kevin Hong Spring 2018
Free the Slaves (FTS) Evaluating Free the Slaves’ Advocacy Work Mohammad Nurul Alam Spring 2018