Funding for MPA-DP Students

Funding for MPA-DP students largely comes through assistantships. For the 2015 Fall semester, 21.8% of first-year MPA-DP students received SIPA financial aid, while generally, less than 10% of SIPA-wide first-year students receive financial assistance. For 2015 Fall semester, 64.3% of second-year MPA-DP students received SIPA financial assistance, largely through assistantships. The median first-year award is approximately $15,000, while the median second-year award is approximately $21,000.

For the 2015/2016 academic year, 33 MPA-DP students received an assistantship from the 2 year MIA/MPA allocation.

SIPA and Columbia Financial Aid Resources

For more information regarding SIPA's financial aid resources, including cost breakdowns,  funding opportunities, and instructions on how to apply for financial aid, please visit Financing a SIPA Education, or contact SIPA's Financial Aid office at

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